Show and Tell about a Pedagogy of Cultural Rights

28 MAR 12   Show & Tell about a Pedagogy of Cultural Rights   Block T, Dublin

Lisa Crowne on behalf of A4 Sounds was invited to take part and give a presentation at the event organised by Another Conversation and hosted by Block T. Another Conversation is a campaign for cultural rights, initiated and supported by Blue Drum and a wide collective of interested parties.

This event was the the beginning of a (re)searching process that will examine what we mean by ‘cultural rights’ and how we can support children and parents to have a voice in the building of communities and of society’. On the day individual, groups and organisations were asked to address 3 questions;

  1. What is a cultural right?
  2. How to imagine the cultural rights of a family and community?
  3. How can children and parents have a voice in the building of community and society?

You can have a listen to this talk here

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Slides from presentation below;