Calli Collective/Niamh Gibbons

Niamh Gibbons

Instagram: @calli.collective

Artist Biography

Gibbons is a socially engaged artist currently practicing in Ireland.  Gibbons has a background as a visual artist and arts facilitator. Other areas Gibbons  is involved in include Film and Arts event management. Her work references a range  of concepts which are often research based and site specific with a deep basis in  folklore, heritage and the rural.  

A native of Mayo, the artists work has deals with themes of memory, fiction, story telling and impermanence through the process of film, photography and installation. 

Recent work in this area includes Creative Ireland communities award 2021  ‘Ancestors Supper’ and Artist in the community,research award – working with Ex change House (Ireland national traveller organisation) 2018 and Arts and youth resi dency – NYCI-2019.  

A recurrent theme in both the artist’s social practice and visual arts practice is the  connection to people and place. Whether gathering knowledge and stories through  film or community engagement and events, the shared ingredient is people.  

Speaking through personal histories and heritage,work engages with ideologies of  ecofeminism and food sovereignty.  Her current practice looks at the local, connection to land, rural knowledge , ecology  and sustainable economies. Here the artist aims to form community around creative  food sharing while raising awareness of topics such as food insecurity and  enviromental concerns.