As An Talamh: Notes On Rave In Dublin

IN PROGRESS 12  As An Talamh: Notes On Rave In Dublin   DCTV production

A4er Conor Hinfey is currently working on DCTV’s  “As An Talamh: Notes On Rave In Dublin.” This two part documentary will tell the story of electronic music scene in Dublin from it’s emergence in the 90’s, to looking at those currently producing and promoting the within the various communities today.

Below is some info from their website

“On any given weekend thousands of people, regardless of age or social class, party to underground dance music in Dublin city. Over the next six months Dublin Community TV will be working on a two part documentary to capture the raw energy and labours of love that keep us buzzing each weekend.

Part one will go right back to the old-skool. The emergence of our original rave nation, the people, clubs, labels and pirates that broke ground for repetitive beats in the city. While we doff our hats to the origin myths, this doc refuses to regale in clichéd war tales from 1990s clubland with its well worn paths of tabloid hysteria and super-clubs. This documentary is about the rich cultural legacy of the hardcore explosion in the city.

Part two looks at how this memory lives on through the work of today’s promoters, bedroom producers, DJs, DIY record labels and radio shows.

This is a documentary about a community that battles backward club opening hours and criminalizing caricatures yet works hard to keepan organic, mutating dance culture alive.”