My name is Ríon Duffy Murphy (he/they). I am an artist, organiser, and general doer of bits, based in Dublin. I have a background in fine art textiles, activism, and gender studies. I work in primarily with textiles and mixed media, and my work explores queerness, love, being trans, and neurodivergency. Alongside my personal practice, I have been co-director of the trans-led, anticapitalist art collective gender.RIP since 2019.


Super Hyper Feminine Team Dreamy Queer Universe


Exhibited on-campus in the National College of Art and Design Dublin, in 2018

Spaghetti Transition 1


Commissioned for exhibition in 2018 in the RHA, Dublin; and later exhibited as part of group exhibitions in the NCAD Gallery Dublin in 2018, at the Quarter Block Party Festival, Cork in 2019, and in the D31 Gallery, Doncaster, UK, in 2023.

Only Ever Overwhelmed