Angela Cuthill

Angela Cuthill

Website: www.angelacuthill.com

Artist Biography

Angela was born in Hobart, Tasmania where she completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in ceramics later completed a Masters of Arts Administration at COFA, University of New South Wales specialising in curatorial studies.  Her side projects are tied social equality, freedom and radical empathy.

Artist Statement

My current practice centres around sculptural processes and mixed media to communicate ideas about the human experience. I’m currently investigating ‘grey area’ psychological spaces where indecision, possibility and ambiguity form part of the human experience; sometimes holding binary ideas at the same moment, occasionally altered states of mind.

The language and behavioural approach of psychotherapy and related theories provide me with a framework for investigation.  Most recent exhibitions have explored societal versus personal boundaries, the concepts surrounding our own responsiveness to the environment and personal containment: each broadly sitting between the area between art and philosophy.