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Key Guiding Principles

1. A4 Sounds is committed to the health and safety of its members first and foremost and ahead of considerations of being ‘open for business’.
2. We are committed to supporting the development of a ‘Culture of Care and Mutual Support’ with and for our community including our member artists, and in future everyone that accesses our gallery and programming.
To these ends we are developing a COVID-19 response plan that centers people, and we will develop this plan together with members.
As a starting point we have ‘key principles of care’ which will be non-negotiable and we will build upon these together and figure out ways to ensure we can implement them in our safety protocol and day to day activity . These will be circulated ahead of our first town hall meeting.
The second step in the process is following survey. We want to understand the real needs and fears of our members so we can develop a plan that is supportive and considerate of everyone. We understand that each of us are different and some may be less affected than others. From the get go we want to develop a culture that is supportive of those of us who are at higher risk and ensures that everyone is invested in making the studio as safe as possible for everyone.


Information provided will be used to develop a safety plan. We will need to store some information for contact tracing purposes in case someone falls ill. Only essential information will be stored and the rest will be deleted.
The information will be accessible by the A4 Team. In addition we will assign 1 person to 5-8 members. This person will be known as the 'Member Representative' for each group . This person will have access to the information on their assigned 5-8 members only.
At the end of the form, you can choose who your response will be seen by. You can choose from the following options:
1. The A4 Team: Lisa Crowne, Andy Edgar, Donal Holland, Sarah Devereux, Alec Moore, Frank Prendergast and the Member Representative.
2. The A4 Team: Lisa Crowne, Andy Edgar, Donal Holland, Sarah Devereux, Alec Moore, Frank Prendergast
3. Lisa, Andy and Donal Only
4. Lisa Only
Similarly, If there are sections of the form you would rather discuss on the phone, you can select your preferred option at the end.