A4 Corp is a Shop!

21-27 AUG 10   A4 CORP IS A SHOP!   Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival, Tuam

We were invited by Earwig! to create a site-specific show. We were given a 2000 sqft retail unit to use in Tuam Shopping Centre. For this A4 Sounds became A4 Corp. Using all the consumer and retail cliches we created an absurd satirical shopping environment for those attending the festival and the everyday shopper of Tuam. Using cardboard, tinfoil, foam and old keyboards we created switches which triggered sounds around the shop and a free sample stall that instead of food gave you free musical samples. We also produced a range of infomercials and filled shelves full of weird products. Throughout the week lazy employees were seen yawning at over-sized tills or facing off products on shelves.

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