Niamh Gibbons

Niamh Gibbons

Niamh Gibbons Profile AvatarContact: niamhnigibbon@gmail.com

Website: www.niamhgibbons.carbonmade.com

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About Niamh

Niamh Gibbons is a visual artist working in lens based media, installation and film. A native of Mayo, Niamh currently lives and works in Dublin. A recent graduate of I.A.D.T. , obtaining an honours in Visual Arts Practice, Niamh’s work references a range of concepts, which are often research based and site- specific.

Themes of memory, fiction and impermanence, are dealt with through the process of film, photography and sound. Other areas Niamh is involved in include Film Making and Arts Events Management. Her recent work includes, exhibition ‘Touch Wood’, and ‘Tales from the Overlook’, and latest projects a documentary for The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and Costume and Props Coordinator for Brick by Brick Stone Productions.

Niamh has been working with Culturefox TV for the last year, working on arts news journalism and promotional work. 


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