Alt-Delete is a series of workshops and talks designed to enable the curious and creative with the means to expose hidden networks in our digital world.

Taking the Exposing the Invisible Kit developed by Tactical Tech as a starting point, this series of exploratory workshops hopes to galvanize participants into probing the corporate, techno-political infrastructures around them and encourage reflection on our relationship with the same.

Using practical skills and techniques alongside various creative approaches that draw from areas including adversarial design, media archaeology and hacktivism, participants will be encouraged, and supported, to initiate and develop their own investigations.

Over the next few months, Alt-Delete will be running these workshops with the intention of hosting a public event in Spring 2020 which will show the outcomes of participants research and practice.

All disciplines and technical levels are welcome – from visual art to essays and from zero tech experience to too much experience.

Tuesday 7pm – 9pm
27th Aug & 3rd Sept
(further workshops dates will be confirmed with participants)  

To cover the cost of venue hire for the duration of the workshop series.

To bring along:
Participants will also need their own laptops, enthusiasm and commitment.

To Apply:
As places are limited we ask you to send a brief email with some details about your background, and why you are interested in participating to

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 7

Further information:

Who We Are:

Paul O’ Neill is a media artist and researcher based in Dublin, Ireland. His practice and interests relate to tactical media, media archaeology and remix culture. This discourse is reflected in his academic background; he holds a BA in International Relations, an MSc in Multimedia and an MA in Art in the Digital World.

Paul is currently completeing a PhD which focuses on digital artistic practices that critically react to the current era of surveillance capitalism.

Robert Collins is an artist and creative technician based in Dublin and international locations. His work explores the inherent noise and saturation of information in contemporary society, through speculative objects and software. He holds an MSc in Interactive Media, where he explored the creation of spaces for adversarial discussion and common ground.

He has also facilitated artworks in a variety of media for new media and bio-artists, including Carsten Höller and Oron Catts, and produces artscience exhibitions across the world on behalf of Science Gallery International.

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