Memberships Available at A4 Sounds Artist Studios

The Blue Room, with Print Area, Electronics Area, Paint and Shared Studio Area.

Memberships Available at A4 Sounds!

A4 Sounds is a interdisciplinary studio space and will suit artists of all sorts that enjoy working in a shared environment and need access to a wide range of facilities over the duration of their projects. Our member artists work in a wide range of disciplines including, paint, print, textiles, activism, socially engaged art, film, documentary, animation, illustration, sculpture, woodwrk, metal work, performance, new media and more. If you are looking for more than just a desk in a room get in touch here!

The A4 Workshop with shared materials, tools & equipment for members.
Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

Apply for membership!

We are currently looking for fine artists working in a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) sculpture, print, photography and textiles.

As a socially engaged organisation we have also have a keen interest in applications from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.

To apply please fill out our application form here!

Shared Studio 2. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien

Our Waiting Lists:

To keep a balance of activity at the studio, we pause applications from certain disciplines when there is a high number of artists working in these areas. When spaces free up we will get in contact with those on our waiting list first.

If you work in one of these areas, please feel free to fill in our application form and we can add you to the list.

Disciplines paused: Animation, Filmmaking

The A4 Library Room & The Forgotten Zine Archive. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.
The A4 Yard, with Bike Storage, Mezzaine and Members Garden.
For eating: The Soup Box, The Pie Box, The Cocktail Wall!!

What you get!

Our memberships are modular starting at €75 per month, with the option of adding a storage locker (€10-€60 pm) or a personal workspace (€100-€130 pm).

Regular Membership includes:

– 24/7 access
– WiFi and bills
– Kitchen facilities
– Outdoor garden with mezzaine & bike storage
– Member discounts for workshops, courses, events, gallery hire and more
– Profile page on our website

– Access to meeting & workshop room
– Free Scanning & Printing
– Access to shared studio spaces (4 shared studios)
– Access to all facilities
– Access to shared equipment & materials

Darkroom red 1
The A4 Darkroom. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.


– Darkroom (Colour / Black & White)
– Print & Screen-printing (Lino/Block Printing Table, Printing Press, 4 Colour Carousel)
– Electronics Area
– Workshop & Tools
– Textiles
– Audio-Visual Equipment
– Reduced rental fees to our Event Space for rehearsals & exhibitions
– Option to rent a personal workspace short term for the creation of larger works or exhibition preparation*

Textiles & Project Room, Shared Studio 3. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.
A4 Artist Talk, Kate McElroy, 2017. Photo: Eimhin McNamara.

Professional Development & Training

– Free Darkroom Training
– Free Screen-printing Training
– Free Workshop Training
Free or Reduced fees on public workshops & courses
Regular Artist Talks and group discussion
– Regular exhibitions and events
– Collaboration opportunities with a wide range of artists
– Opportunities to host own workshops and discussion groups or to join those hosted by our members
– Ongoing support from the A4 Team
– Online studio group to share ideas, ask for help and stay in touch with our members.

Studio 1, Private Workspaces. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.
08sml cropped.jpg
Studio 2, Private Workspaces. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.
Large Lockers (€20-€30pm). Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

Additional Costs
– Locker rental, various sizes €10 – €60 per month
– Personal Workspace €100 – €130
– 40% discount on gallery & event space hire

Exhibition, Dr. Nadia Kelbova by Justyna Kielbowicz, 2017. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

More information here!

Applications can be made here!

How to find us!


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