New 25 and Under Membership Rate

25 and under membership rate

New 25 & Under Membership Rate

We have introduced a new membership rate of €50 per month for 25 year olds and under at our studios. The under 25s are one of many groups adversely affected by the housing crisis and living costs of Dublin City resulting in them being essentially locked out of their futures. The knock-on effect, which we have witnessed, is that younger artists cannot access studio spaces in the city. This prevents them accessing essential resources which allow them to start their careers, forcing many out of the city, abroad or to give up on their practice.

An artist graduating in fine art now has very few opportunities or supports available to them, including employment opportunities in their field. This means many artists are dependent on social welfare payments. For artists that are 25 years old their payment is only €131 per week and artists 24 and under their payment is only €107 per week, meaning a studio space is not an option.

We hope our new membership rate of €50 per month for the 25 and under age group, will go some way to helping younger artists participate in studio life and ease some of the pressures of living in Dublin.

If you are a young artist working in the city and would like to apply for membership, please read more about our studio memberships and fill out our application form here!

At this time we can offer up to 10 memberships at this rate, as running an arts organisation continues to be expensive. If you would like to support our work, help us to keep costs down for our artists, and help us to offer more reduced memberships in future to those who need them, please consider become a patron here >>>>


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