A4 Artist in Residence Programme 2017 Recipients Announced!

We are delighted to announce that the recipients of our 2017 AIR Programme are Kerry Guinan, Katie Moore and Stephen Burke!

The A4 residency programme was established to offer selected artists the time, space, and facilities needed to develop their professional practice in a supportive environment, while furthering the mission of our studio through projects that focus on social and political issues relevant to Dorset Street and surrounding areas.

We are very excited to have such a diverse selection of artists working with us this year and we are really looking forward to learning from them, supporting the production of new works and gaining new perspectives on our local area.


Kerry Guinan
Residency 1 (1st March – 31st May)

cargo2_2xWorker Performing the Gallery, 2014

Artist Bio
My practice critiques the neoliberalisation of art through social interventions. Working from within instititions, I use administrative tools such as employment agreements, private sponsorship or state elections to foreground art’s relationship with the private martket. My work is grounded by writing and research on this same topic.

The Residency
At A4 Sounds I will be developing an intervention into the upcoming redevelopment of Parnell Square as a Cultural Quarter. Having recently published a paper about the economic motivations of cultural quarters, I will use this residency to manifest this research artistically in an antagonistic work that critiques art’s impact on the housing market.



Katie Moore
Residency 2 (1st June – 30th Aug)

Paper Bloom Katie.jpgPaper Bloom, 2016

Artist Bio
I use textiles, stitching and installation in addition to drawing and video to create visual experiences of the world. I hope to create an environment for the viewer to experience with my installations, visually and audibly. My work is very conceptually driven, every stitch has a purpose. The work I make comes from a feeling of being compelled to make it, giving the topic a voice, telling a story, an act of memory.

The Residency
Community engagement is very important to my artistic practice. I really enjoy working with the community, meeting people, and hearing their stories. We all have a story to tell. For this residency I hope to make a piece of installation art inspired by the ‘Repeal the 8 th ’ campaign. I believe that everyone has a right to full bodily autonomy. I’m really looking forward to my time at A4 Sounds.



Stephen Burke
Residency 3 (1st Sept – 30th Nov)

IMG_6109 (3).JPGP. Piatek, 2017

Artist Bio
My practice is informed by the subliminal information provided by areas within Dublin. When people repress their creative desires in favour of a consumerist lifestyle a subconscious creative outlet is formed within their daily routines. These outlets and outcomes vary depending on the socio-economic characteristics which make up these areas. My work attempts to unearth these works and to shed a light on to the unrecognised creative efforts of the subconscious artists who inhabit every city.

The Residency
The proposed project for this residency is a series of installations in public spaces around the north inner city of Dublin. These installations will be subtle surfaces attached to select walls within the area to blend with their environment. These surfaces will be left to collect information from their homes for a series of weeks until they’re uninstalled and brought back to the studio. I will then remove the information collected in a similar manner to which Dublin City Council would erase graffiti in order to create collaborative compositions with the environments in which the surfaces were originally based.

Stephen Burke Instagram


For more information about our residency program please follow this link.

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