A4 Studio Memberships — Only 10 Remaining!!

A4 Sounds

A4 Sounds is a interdisciplinary studio space and will suit cultural workers of all sorts that enjoy working in a shared environment. Our members include fine artists, designers, animators, writers, performers, makers, woodworkers, programmers and electronic engineers. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional artist studio get in touch via our membership contact form!

Our memberships are 50e per month and we have 10 remaining. Members can add a personal locker for an additional 10e per month.

Membership includes:

– 24/7 access
– WiFi and bills
– Kitchen facilities
– Outdoor area
Member discounts within A4 and local businesses

– Access to meeting & workshop room
– Scanning & Printing
– Access to shared workspaces
– Access to shared equipment & materials

– Darkroom (Colour / Black & White)
– Screen-printing
– Electronics Area
– Workshop & Tools
– Access to Event Space for rehearsals & testing ideas

– Free Darkroom Training
– Free Screen-printing Training
– Free or Reduced fees on workshops

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