Friends of A4 over at The Dublin Tenement Experience Project will be in DCC Sat 15th for HACK THE LOCKOUT !!

Hack The Lockout will take place this Sat 15th June between 10 and 6pm. The day long workshop will form part of The Dublin Tenement Experience Project. They are looking for coders, history buffs, people with old photos, or anyone with stories to tell.

 “We do really, really, really need help from those interested in historical visualization  cultural commons, augmented reality, historical GIS, crowd-sourcing and Dublin history! And a few social media gurus wouldn’t go astray either.”

York St in better times

“As part of the Dublin Tenement Experience we want to make an interactive mobile offering that engages multiple audiences and brings history to life. We have zero budget but lots of cool data and enthusiasm. And we need your help!

The ‘Tenement Experience’ is being developed to provide an accessible and immersive interpretation of the social, economic and political contexts of the 1913 Lockout through the domestic context. It will take place over a 9 week period during July and August 2013 and will be presented on the ground floor of No. 14 Henrietta Street, a former tenement. This project is a collaboration between Dublin City Council, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Irish Heritage Trust.

The long term objective for the project is to create a permanent Tenement experience at No. 14 Henrietta Street, as a collaborative endeavour on the part of the three key partners. This project has the potential to provide lasting benefits and is specifically aimed at reconnecting the community around Henrietta Street with its history and as such, will incorporate a strategy for community engagement through participation.”

If you would like to get involved you can register here. Looks like you might get fed and a few goodies to take home too!


Remember you can join us afterwards for some virtual reality fun at our Oculus Rift Demo which starts at 6pm. Fun day all round is in the making!!

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