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Become a Friend of A4 Sounds

A4 Sounds and its studio A4 Towers is predominately self-funded. We find it quite difficult to cover costs in all areas of our work, day to day studio costs, rent, bills, exhibitions and improvement of facilities. We depend on our artists, friends and general good will of the the public to maintain and develop the work that we do.

If you can afford to we welcome and greatly appreciate donations via paypal.

If you are a business and would like to sponsor us get in touch. In exchange for monetary donations, materials, equipment, venue rental or services we can place your logo on our site and acknowledge you as a friend of A4 and on relevant publications or projects.

If you have old equipment or materials that you are getting rid off, get in touch and we can take them of your hands.

Introducing Andrew Edgar

Andrew is one of our new members at A4 Towers. He is a founding member of Gamepak Collective and member of Open Learning Ireland so we are delighted to have him and his skills on board.



“Andrew Edgar is a circuit-bender, audio experimentalist, self-taught electronic tinkerer, and irrepressible hoarder. In 2009 he co-founded the Gamepak Dublin chiptune/DIY-electronics collective, and is now also actively involved in the Open Learning Ireland alternative learning initiative.”