Resident Memberships available at A4 Towers

We have resident memberships available at A4 Towers. If you are interested you can contact us here or drop us a line at A4SOUNDS at gmail dot com
We are looking for energetic individuals who are interested in artist led spaces and the possibilities for collaboration they offer. Unfortunately we are not looking for individuals who solely want to concentrate on their own practice, we are looking for residents who want to learn about and take part in the running and development of the studio and A4 Sounds.
We are an interdisciplinary studio and invite applications from a wide range of “artists” whether you work in education, engineering, computer programming, curation, music, TV, electronics, fine art or design etc it doesn’t matter, as long as you have a keen interest in collaboration and co-operatively run spaces.
Some info about us and the studio:
Resident membership of the studio is based on shared responsibility for the upkeep and running of the space, and involvement in group shows, collaborative projects and proposals. Our current members come from a range of backgrounds including visual art, music, engineering, education and community based work.
“The mission of the A4 Sounds art collective is to foster multidisciplinary collaboration, curate innovative participatory art events and broaden engagement through community arts education. The purpose of the ‘A4 Towers’ workspace is to act as a base for these group activities, as well as a resource for individual members to develop their professional practice.”
Have a look here for info about our facilities.
To apply please send us an email at a4sounds at gmail dot com with a statement of interest, (why you want to join A4 Towers specifically), artist cv and a few examples of your work (jpgs, pdf, or link to online portfolio). Application is based on interview and committee decision.
A4 Team

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