A4er helps organise new TCD design course

As well as making all the art and helping to run an artists’ studio, A4er Donal is currently undertaking a PhD in Design Education and splits his time between Trinity College Dublin and Harvard University. He’s currently helping to organise a new postgraduate design course that’s being run in collaboration with Stanford University and software giant SAP.

More details about the course in this Silicon Republic article.

Team London out of the gates first!

A4 Has Animal Magnetism launches tomorrow!!!

Led by the wonderful as always Odd Sock aka Jojo Hynes Team London using the theme  “Urban Foxes verses Urban Badgers” will be hiding art around the Westminster area.

Keep an eye on the website or tumblr for info, images, photos and maps to find some magnetic graffiti to steal. Dublin, Toronto, Hong Kong and Melbourne to follow!

If you do steal some art, please send us pictures of it in it’s new home to A4SOUNDS at gmail dot com.


A4 Team

2Up 2Down @Liverpool Biennal

A4er Lisa Crowne recently took part in a study visit to the Liverpool Biennal with Blue Drum Family Support Agency as part of their ongoing research into the cultural rights of families and children.

Over the two days she attended a number of community orientated exhibits one of which was 2Up 2Down.

“Over the last 2 and half years, artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, has been working with people from Anfield and Breckfield to rethink the future of their neighbourhood.

2Up 2Down provides a way for local people to “take matters into their own hands” and make real social and physical change in their neighbourhood. Local people of all ages are collaborating in the development of the project, volunteering their time and energy, and committing to play an active part in the long term.

Architects URBED and other design specialists have worked with the community to re-model a block of empty property including the former Mitchell’s Bakery and the two terraced houses next door. Taking the whole community as their “client”, they have designed an affordable housing scheme, bakery shop and kitchen, meeting and project spaces, with the needs of real individuals in mind.  The scheme presents a positive alternative to the demolitions and clearances of recent years.

At the same time, the group have set up Homebaked Community Land Trust  – a co-operative organisation with its roots in the garden city movement – to enable the collective community ownership of the properties, and a co-operative business to reopen the Bakery as a social enterprise.”

Northsiders Museum Residency

A4er Lisa Crowne has started residency at the Northersiders Museum situated within the North-side Shopping Centre in Coolock, Dublin. Over the next few months she will work with local residents, shoppers and artists of all kinds to curate a series of events, happenings and meet ups within the space.

If you have ideas, are interested in getting involved please email lisacrowne at gmail dot com or drop into the shop and say hello.

First Day

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Upcoming Events and Callouts

Wed 21st Nov

If you have old records you haven’t heard in years gathering dust in your house, stick them in a bag and call in for some tea and a listen.

If you have old negatives, slides or photographs of people and places from the surround area of the shopping centre Lisa would like to borrow them for a short period of time. Drop them in next Wed or keep an eye here, facebook (give us an aul like) or in the shop window for other days she will be about. She will be creating a installation of projections and short video piece to be exhibited in the space.

Dole TV recording at A4 Towers this week

A4 were delighted to have Dole TV around to A4 Towers this week to do a bit of recording for an upcoming show.

Some info about the lads

Dole TV aims to be everything the mainstream media is not. Shamelessly and unambiguously on the side of the people against the oligarchs and their collaborators, irreverent, questioning of power and privilege. Dole TV also seeks to differentiate itself from the moribund national media by virtue of its breezy and bitingly satirical production style, incorporating cutting-edge animation, a genuinely “savage eye” for comedy and the views of guests excluded from the mainstream media.

Dole TV is a voice and a showcase for all those who don’t need to be told that the economic catastrophe is not their fault, as well as a celebration of the cultural vibrancy and community spirit which endures despite all efforts to extinguish it. We urge all comedians, artists or, indeed, anyone with a bone to pick and a story to tell to get in touch and get involved.”

Some links for you to see and read more:


The Ballinspittle Bunyip returns!

A4ers Lisa and Donal with friends James and Vivenne created a Bunyip costume  for our mates Alan C’s stag party, marking the 20(something)th anniversary of the first sighting in Ballinspittle,Cork. We are still trying to get our hands on the original footage that spawned the critically acclaimed documentary featured on Scratch Saturday all those moons ago.