Three studio spaces available at A4 Towers from June 1st

We have three studio spaces available at A4 Towers from June 1st. If you are interested you can drop us a line at or our contact page.

Some info about us and the studio:

The mission of the A4 Sounds art collective is to foster multidisciplinary collaboration, curate innovative participatory art events and broaden engagement through community arts education. The purpose of the ‘A4 Towers’ workspace is to act as a base for these group activities, as well as a resource for individual members to develop their professional practice. 

Three spaces have become available at A4 Towers for suitable candidates. Membership of the space is based on shared responsibility for the upkeep and running of the space, and involvement in group shows, collaborative projects and proposals. Our current members come from a range of backgrounds including visual art, music, engineering, education and community based work.

Have a look here for info about our facilities.

We welcome artists from a wide range of backgrounds and skill bases that are interested primarily in working collaboratively. To apply please send us an email at with a statement of interest, (why you want to join A4 Towers), artist cv and a few examples of your work (jpgs, pdf, or link to online portfolio). Application is based on interview and committee decision.

A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious 16th June, Hong Kongers

16 artists collaborate and create black line images on the theme of superstition. Come, add colour and extend these pieces using paints and materials provided. This is a one day event only so don’t miss out on the fun!

A4Sounds is about freedom and inclusion – every show offers a unique take on a chosen theme, from the absurdity of consumerism to the illogical belief in superstition. Our artists consider the theme and create a black line image, which then becomes an open canvas for participants to doodle and scribble on, laugh at and splash! You are both audience and artist, and have the freedom to make the piece your own. So bring your kids, your granny and yourself – it’s on all day – so you can come and go or come and stay!

Superstitions are everywhere – in the ways we talk, walk and eat our food; to our ideas of luck, our response to the weather, insects and the sounds we hear outside late at night – no matter where you come from they can be found, warning off peril or delighting people with good fortune.

Among those marking their black-line territory for ‘A4Sounds is Super Superstitious’, we have Adrian Wong, one of Hong Kong’s finest fine artists; Jojo Hynes, our Irish sister making collaborative art in Australia; Polkaros, the talented Tokyo-based Singaporean illustrator; CEET, the French graffiti man in Hong Kong; Lisa Crowne, a punk sista working on participatory projects in Dublin; and Sig & Takako, Philippines-based street-artists extraordinaire as well as many more.

We will also have a mixed bag of fantastic deejays to accompany, delight and inspire our superstitious creativity; expect Afrobeat, Soul, Reggae, R’n’B, Power Ballads, Psych, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electro plus plenty of spice and all things nice!

Entry is a suggested donation of HK$60 to initially cover costs but any profits will be donated to the amazing Christian Action Refugee Centre in Chunking Mansions.

The event is on from 3:00pm till 11:00pm

Location: Philia Home, G/F, 5 U Lam Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

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